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Business Meeting

Business bridging

Prometeo Group has a rich history of over 25 years of operations in Southeast Asia (SEA), with a strong focus on promoting business relationships with local companies. Our extensive portfolio boasts a diverse range of Italian companies that we support daily in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

We at the Prometeo Group are dedicated to promoting trade and investment in Southeast Asia, with particular attention to Myanmar. Our success in this commitment is strengthened by the invaluable support of important stakeholders such as the Embassy of Myanmar in Italy, the Embassy of Italy in Myanmar and the European Chamber of Commerce. These partnerships have allowed us to create strong ties with local government, authorities and embassies, giving us unprecedented insight into the region's political landscape.

We are proud of our team of skilled professionals, which includes local employees from Vietnam and Myanmar. Their presence is crucial to ensuring seamless communication and providing the highest level of assistance to our customers, overcoming any language barrier that may arise.

Additionally, our operations office in Myanmar operates with efficiency and agility, ensuring timely responses to our clients' needs and staying abreast of all local opportunities. This commitment to excellence allows us to provide unparalleled service and support to our clients as they navigate the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia's growing markets.

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