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Market penetration

Prometeo Group is able to provide comprehensive support to any company wishing to establish a legal presence in Myanmar, a market that is experiencing a period of rapid economic expansion thanks to the country's recent opening to the outside world.

We have consolidated partnerships with local business partners and distributors in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, which are key to ensuring a secure channel for any type of product that companies intend to introduce to the local market.

Our commitment is not only limited to assisting in the legal incorporation of companies, but also extends to providing ongoing on-site support to our clients. This support is provided through our local partner network and our operations office in Yangon. The presence of a local operational office allows us to provide a rapid response to customer needs and maintain constant monitoring of emerging market opportunities.

We are ready to guide companies through the establishment process in Myanmar, offering in-depth local market expertise, strategic connections and a wide range of support services to ensure the success of their business operations in the region.

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