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The pizza stretcher

pizza stratcher.png

OperaPrima is the innovative and professional Pizza
Stretcher, designed and produced in Italy, that creates the
classic Italian pizza in a quick and simple way.

It guarantees a top-of-the-range end-product thanks to its
patented dough opening system, which simulates the pizza maker’s expert hands.

The machine has a cold-working process for several types of dough without stressing it.


It allows to make a tasty and crispy pizza, with a defined end-crust in a short time.


  • It stretches the dough without stressing it

  • It creates the classic Italian pizza

  • It entirely replaces skilled labour

  • It allows high hourly productivity 

  • Creates a high quality final product 

  • It is both easy to wash and carry

A complete service

  • Flexibility
    OperaPrima is a highly flexible product that can perfectly meet its users’ needs and their different types of dough


  • High-quality pizzas
    Our team of experts is available to perform lab tests on the dough and share the best method to create a high quality pizza.


  • Always prepared to listen
    We are always willing to provide any further information and knowledge on how the Pizza Stretcher works at our Headquarters.


OperaPrima was designed to create the real Neapolitan pizza, in a quickly and simply way.

With its thick and crispy crust, today this food is an intangible cultural heritage guarded by UNESCO, being the symbol of Italian cuisine all over the world.

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